Barton Hill Farms
1115 Farm to Market 969
Bastrop, TX 78602


Saturdays & Sundays, Sept. 28th thru Nov. 3rd

Saturdays: 10am - 7pm Sundays: 10am - 6pm

Monday, Oct. 14th

10am - 6pm


Farm Updates: (855) 969-1115

Email:  info@bartonhillfarms.com

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Application Process

Whether Returning or New Applicant, please consider your work availability based on current professional and/or personal commitments. Applicants must be available to work 80% of the Fall Festival weekend days the farm is open. The application must be filled out by the applicant. References MUST be current employers, former employers, teachers, coaches or volunteer coordinators.  We want to know your work history. We will verify. All applicants are subject to background checks. Every applicant is a seasonal employee and is employed on a 90 day trial period.

When We Are Open

The Fall Festival season is six weeks and opens to the public weekends only from September 28 through November 3 and Monday, Columbus Day, October 14, 2019.  Our Fall Festival weekend hours are: Saturdays 10am-7pm, Sundays 10am - 6pm, Columbus Day (Monday, October 14, 2019) 10 am-6 pm


These dates and times are our OPEN TO PUBLIC HOURS AND DO NOT INCLUDE THE POTENTIAL HOURS WE HAVE AVAILABLE.  Employees are typically scheduled from one hour prior to opening and one hour post closing, if working the second shift.  Returning Applicants, Supervisors and Management Staff are given preference for double shifts.  These hours are not guaranteed and will vary. Reasons we would send employees home early are: inclement weather, slow business, insubordination, etc.

*Additional paperwork is required at orientation if you are hired.  There are additional forms that will need to be printed, filled out, and brought to our employee orientation.  Please come prepared with your driver’s license and social security card.  You MUST have them with you to prove eligibility for employment.  Employees must provide a valid email account and working phone number to BHF Human Resources.