The Real Story on our Pumpkin Patch …

Visit the most scenic pumpkin patch in Texas! Rated by as a Top 4 Pumpkin Patch in the Texas. It is truly one of the most scenic pumpkin patches you’ll ever visit! Once you’ve made it through the maze, grab a big jack-o-lantern or a pie pumpkin for carving, painting or decorating the house.

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Pumpkins are Fun


It’s a fun fall tradition to carve faces and designs on pumpkins and light them from within. We’re told that the tradition dates back to Ireland when turnips were originally carved! Spooky or not … carved pumpkins are really charming.

See our Pinterest Boards for lots of carving ideas, lighting options, tips, and tools.

Pumpkin Pie

Cook ’em!

Pumpkins are so versatile to cook with — make a bisque or toast the seeds for starters. Whip up a pumpkin pie or a luscious loaf of pumpkin bread. Soufflés, cookies and more! Pick a few to cook with this Fall! We can tell you about the best varieties.

We’ve got lots of yummy recipe ideas for you — visit us on Pinterest!

Pumpkin Art

If you don’t want to carve your pumpkins, it’s always fun to paint them. Choose a basket full of little ones for a whole family of fun — have a Halloween pumpkin painting party! Use acrylics and you can wash them off later, if you’d like.

Can we share some of our favorite painted pumpkins on Pinterest?

Decorate for Fall

Pumpkins capture the spirit of autumn ... even in Texas!

Everyone enjoys decorating with pumpkins in the fall. Mix in corn stalks, hay bales, pots of chrysanthemums, baskets and props for a lovely display. When the season is over, remember that deer and raccoons enjoy eating pumpkins — and birds love the seeds.