Farm Policies

A few suggestions for a great visit ...

  • We accept cash and credit cards. No checks please.
  • We suggest that you bring a hat/cap, sunscreen, camera and some good walking shoes.You may also want to bring folding lawn chairs and picnic blankets for setting up near the stage.
  • Sorry, no pets allowed. We do welcome registered service dogs with their companions.
  • We recommend baby strollers with large wheels to more easily navigate the terrain.
  • We require that an adult accompany all children 12 years and younger. Unaccompanied children will be given free kittens.
  • Barton Hill Farms is a smoke-free facility.
  • We make every accommodation to be as accessible as possible.  We are an outdoor venue.  Those in non-motorized wheel chairs will need assistance pushing their chair

A few notes for photographers …

We welcome photographers, both professional and amateur, to visit Barton Hill Farm for their photo shoots during our Fall Festival days .  At other times of the year, special written permission must be received from us for you to have access.  A few special rules need to be followed.

  • General Admission is required for photographer and clients that are 3+ years old.
  • We require that photographers don’t ask our employees to pose or to stop their work.  Please, ask permission from staff members before taking pictures of them.
  • Get signed permission from guests before taking their pics, a little wisdom there.
  • No charging fees.
  • Get permission in writing from us before posting any images with our business/farm name or with hashtags/filters.
  • We do not allow pets on the grounds at Barton Hill Farms.  ADA trained service animals are allowed.  Owner must register service animal at ticket gates:  owner, address, contact number, and breed of animal required.