Have a Party at the Farm!

Invite your friends and family to a party at Barton Hills Farm — Barton Hill Farms is a scenic Texas farmstead on the banks of the Colorado River in Bastrop, just 25 minutes from Austin.  We’ve got the perfect setting and a variety of ways to accommodate your group

Enjoy our scenic farm with fields of vibrant flowers to stroll through and over 30 exciting family activities, all while enjoying live Texas country & bluegrass music!

What you get for a Party!

Our two party spaces are the Stage Party Room and the Tent Party Room.  Both are located in the Verde (south courtyard area) near the concession stand and live music stage.  Most partygoers gather here to celebrate the party for a short time and then distribute around the grounds for activities. Both rooms also have lighting for twilight parties, 3 picnic tables, and a 3’x5’ table for gifts, cakes, etc. !

The Stage Party Room is a semi-private, open-air party space that faces the live music stage. This space is approximately 20’x16’, has a 6-foot wall on the back, 3-foot picket fences.

The Tent Party Room is an approximately 20’x20’ covered tent with open sides.  It is located beside the live music stage under one of the large cypress trees.

Reservations are required. Only $10 for a two-hour reservation. You may reserve only one 2-hour block.

You may bring your own food, cakes, cupcakes etc for your guests. You may also purchase from one of the food vendors onsite. See our menu of some food and drink options. You may not bring your own drinks onto the grounds. We sell sodas, lemonade, ice tea and water at the concession stand. Cold beer and wine are available for those over 21. No outside alcohol of any type is allowed on the grounds.

Safety and Chaperones

We work to create a very safe, fun atmosphere for families and children. We will be fully staffed during our operating hours with a first responder(s) on the premises should a medical emergency arise. Due to the nature of children attending a party, we recommend an adult-to-child ratio of no less than 1 responsible adult to 3 children. If possible, we encourage you to invite the parents of your children so that you’re able to enjoy your party, as well.

Clean Up

Please be respectful of the next party and clean up the party space and complete your party 5 minutes prior to the time your reservation expires. Trash cans are provided in the party room. You and your guests can continue to enjoy the Fall Festival and Corn Maze by joining others in the main grounds.

Tips and Tricks for Mom & Dad

  • Have a good time & enjoy your child’s party!  Once your partygoers get in the gate, they’ll have a great time….so don’t stress.
  • Plan a small party of not more than 20-25 guests.  Groups of this size are more intimate and will allow you to have fun too!
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to get the lay-of-the-land.
  • Try not to let children consume too much sugar prior to or during the party.  
  • Limit the food choices you offer partygoers.  Remember…kids are coming to your party to play with your child & explore the grounds.
  • If it’s a warm day, ensure that your little guests are consuming plenty of liquids and staying cool.
  • Tell your guests to dress for the weather and to be at an outdoor event.
  • Purchase tickets for your guests, print and bring them to the Admission Booth at least 30 minutes prior to your party.
  • Email your guests a link to our website http://bartonhillfarms.com and our address http://www.bartonhillfarms.com/find-us/

Email us at info@bartonhillfarms.com should you have any questions not addressed in this document.

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Let’s Party